School Closed Wednesday, March 21

Carmel Academy will be closed on Wednesday, March 21st due to inclement weather.

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  • Guided By Text and Study Carmel Academy Students Lend Their Thoughts and Voice To The Issue of Gun Violence

    On March 14th, as students across the nation grappled with their desire to be heard surrounding the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Carmel Academy’s Middle School students honored the victims and joined the national conversation.

    Carmel Academy’s students took the opportunity to find empowerment through study, discussion and remembrance. Together, students and faculty studied Jewish text, which sparked deep discussions about issues surrounding life, choices and responsibility toward fellow humans. They also read and discussed a summary of research on gun policies and their effects, explored gun violence statistics and engaged in discussions that focused on finding areas of agreement among all people and how to address this issue. As a culminating activity, each student wrote their own thoughts on what they personally or as a community can do to address gun violence in America.

    Carmel Academy’s Rabbi-in-Residence Rabbi Jordan Soffer began the program by telling the students: “The Torah demands action, our conscience demands action, I need to take action. Today we will start with what may seem like a small action, but can truly have a major impact.”

    He continued, “The Gemara asks, ‘What is more important, study or action?’ We learn that study is, because study leads to action. So we are starting with study, and that has to lead us to action.”
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  • 1st Grade Siddur Ceremony

  • 3:00PM Dismissal Resumes - TK-8

  • 5th Grade Chumash Ceremony

  • Erev Pesach - School Closed

  • School Closed - Erev Pesach

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Carmel Academy: Celebrating 20 Years

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  • The great debate! Keva vs. Kavana

    It was the great debate! Keva vs. Kavana.
    Carmel Academy's seventh grade welcomed five local rabbis to sit on a mock beit din (rabbinic court) as our students debated keva (fixed/routine prayer) vs. kavanah (intentional prayer). Our students invited star witnesses such as Moshe, Avraham, and rabbis from the Talmud to advocate their positions on each side of the debate. They made compelling opening and closing arguments, and the witnesses substantiated each argument very effectively! To prepare for the debates the students studied text sources, which helped form their opinions and arguments. Ultimately while the visiting rabbis explained that the two types of prayer are mutually dependent and equally important, they came down on the side of kavanah.
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  • 1st Graders Explore Community

    Who are the people in your neighborhood? Let Carmel Academy's first graders tell you! After months of learning about what institutions are integral to a vibrant community, our first graders welcomed their parents to "Carmel Place" this week. Throughout the school year, first graders visited important places in a community as part of their social studies curriculum -- from the police station to the bakery to the general store. In fact they took seven field trips where they learned about various institutions and interviewed people who work in them. To prepare for their visits the students read non-fiction texts, watched videos and brainstormed interview questions. As part of a culminating program, parents had the opportunity to browse "Carmel Place." Dressed as bakers and police, librarians, grocers and postal workers, the students went to work at their respective businesses. Using "Carmel Cash" parents purchased treats at the bakery and general store, mailed letters at the post office and checked out books at the library. Student writing about what type of job they would want and why was on display, and artwork, inspired by artist James Rizzi, adorned the walls.
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Carmel Academy Celebrates 20 Years of Daring

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  • Carmel Academy is a private school for children of all Jewish affiliations, serving children from transitional kindergarten through 8th grade.

Carmel Academy is a recipient of UJA Greenwich, the United Jewish Federation of Greater Stamford, New Canaan and Darien, Federation for Jewish Philanthropy of Upper Fairfield County and The UJA Federation on New York.