Transitional Kindergarten

Give your child the gift of time, where young minds take root...

Carmel Academy's Shorashim Transitional Kindergarten program is designed to bridge the year between preschool and kindergarten, providing students with a strong foundation for success in elementary school and beyond.

Come discover our magical classroom environment where a child's sense of wonder and curiosity guides learning through hands-on experiences and play!

Carmel Academy's Shorashim Transitional Kindergarten program offers the following:

  • A Reggio Emilia-inspired classroom
  • Child-centered, play-based curriculum
  • Highly experienced early childhood educators
  • Low student-teacher ratios
  • Experiential, integrated Judiac learning
  • Kindergarten preparedness
  • Learning with specialist teachers (art, technology, physical education and music)
    • Early Childhood At Carmel

Transitional Kindergarten FAQS

What are the benefits of Transitional Kindergarten?
Transitional Kindergarten bridges the gap between preschool and kindergarten, and gives students a head start that will yield future academic success. Transitional Kindergarten provides students with a strong foundation for success in elementary school.

How is Transitional Kindergarten different from preschool?
The standards, curriculum and teaching requirements in Transitional Kindergarten are different from preschool. Transitional Kindergarten is part of the K-8 Carmel Academy educational model and is based on the kindergarten standards. The program continues to build upon the skills children started learning in preschool to ensure they will be able to begin kindergarten with confidence.

How is Transitional Kindergarten different from traditional kindergarten?
Although the curriculum in Transitional Kindergarten is based on the kindergarten standards, it does not replicate the kindergarten curriculum. The Transitional Kindergarten program focuses more on giving the students opportunities for social-emotional growth, language development and communication through dramatic play; small group instruction; and intentional academic teaching.

What is the typical profile of a Carmel Academy Transitional Kindergarten student?
There are two profiles of a Carmel Academy Transitional Kindergarten student. The first is a “young five” student — a child who will turn five years old by December of their incoming Transitional Kindergarten year, but whose parents, former teachers and/or admissions director would recommend a additional year before beginning kindergarten. The other profile is that of a “mature four” student. A child who will turn four by September of their incoming Transitional Kindergarten year, and whose parents, former teachers and/or admissions director would recommend a Transitional Kindergarten program rather than a four’s nursery program.

What is the Carmel Academy Transitional Kindergarten teacher-to-student ratio?
In order to best achieve the goals and benchmarks for our students and to keep with our educational philosophy, we keep our teacher-student ratio low. Our Transitional Kindergarten program has a maximum of a 1:5 teacher-student ratio.

What is the Transitional Kindergarten daily schedule?
The Transitional Kindergarten daily schedule runs the length of the Carmel Academy school day. Academic classes are supplemented with social-emotional and developmentally appropriate lessons, along with specials such as: music and movement, art, technology, and physical education.

Gan Chalomot Playground

Carmel Academy's Gan Chalomot Playground puts a child's imagination, creativity and sense of discovery center stage.

Gan Chalomot,
Playground of Dreams, is set on our beautiful, 17-acre campus. The playground, created using natural, authentic materials, instantly sparks imagination and play.  Specially carved tree trunks, a tee-pee crafted from tree branches, and play equipment mostly made from wood give children a nature-themed slate to explore. 

Inquiry-based learning, discovery and approaching the world with a sense of wonder is paramount to Carmel Academy’s early childhood program. Our Gan Chalomot is a natural and wonderful extension to our school’s teaching philosophy.

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To learn more about Carmel Academy's Transitional Kindergarten Program please contact Ella Shteingart at 203-983-3503 or at

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  • Carmel Academy is a private school for children of all Jewish affiliations, serving children from transitional kindergarten through 8th grade.

Carmel Academy is a recipient of UJA Greenwich, the United Jewish Federation of Greater Stamford, New Canaan and Darien, Federation for Jewish Philanthropy of Upper Fairfield County and The UJA Federation on New York.