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Providing Alternative Learning Strategies (PALS)

Carmel Academy's PALS special education program is a natural outgrowth of our school's commitment to meeting the individual needs of all students. PALS is very much a part of - and not apart from - the Carmel Academy Core program. We share a single mission statement, which in part reads: "Carmel Academy is an educational institution that stretches each child's intellect and creativity; that is passionate about Jewish identity and values..."
PALS students thrive in an educational setting designed to engage each child in the learning process. Ours is an interactive, interdisciplinary and integrated program. There are no passive observers. Active participation is supported by controlled class size, small group instruction, concentrated teacher time and attention, as well as a hands-on multi-sensory approach to instruction. The dynamic Carmel Academy curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of each student without compromising either the integrity of the curriculum or the integrity of the child. It is the pace and methodology that make it unique for the PALS student.
A PALS student is one with untapped potential; a child who is more cognitively capable than pragmatically able. The overarching goal is for every child to fully participate in the Core program. To achieve that goal, requires the help and support of many highly trained professionals. In addition to the two Masters level special education teachers (secular and Hebrew/Judaic) assigned to each class, our staff includes a speech therapist, an occupational therapist (and a sensory gym), a school psychologist, and an Orton Gillingham reading specialist. Each discipline is intertwined by the sharing of common goals and the reinforcement of acquired skills. We believe a team approach is the only way to move from an externally imposed strategy to an internally generated one.
We invite you to tour the school and our program, to be introduced to the staff, and to explore how we will best meet your child's very specific needs. 
For additional information, please contact Jonathan Holub, our Director of Educational Resources/PALS Program, at jonathan.holub@carmelacademy.com  or Emily Klein, our PALS Early Childhood and Admissions Coordinator,  at emily.klein@carmelacademy.com or 203-983-3546.