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Providing Alternative Learning Strategies (PALS)

Carmel Academy's PALS special education program is a natural outgrowth of our school's commitment to meeting the individual needs of all students. PALS is very much a part of - and not apart from - the Carmel Academy Core program. We share a single mission statement, which in part reads: "Carmel Academy is an educational institution that stretches each child's intellect and creativity; that is passionate about Jewish identity and values..."

Our PALS program provides a highly supportive and structured learning environment, where children learn tools, skills, and strategies to achieve independent success in the classroom. With a low student-to-teacher ratio, students receive individualized care and attention and are always held to high academic standards. In addition to highly-trained special education teachers for secular and Judaic studies, our on-site staff includes a speech therapist, an occupational therapist (and a sensory gym), school psychologists, and an Orton-Gillingham reading specialist.

We invite you to visit the school, take a peek into our classrooms, and find out what Carmel Academy has to offer.
For additional information, please contact Ella Shteingart, Director of Admissions, at ella.shteingart@carmelacademy.com or 203-983-3503; or Jonathan Holub, Director of Educational Resources/PALS Program, at jonathan.holub@carmelacademy.com.