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Carmel Academy Celebrates 20 Years of Daring
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Fourth Graders Create Interactive American Civics Museum
Carmel Academy’s fourth graders embraced our school’s yearlong theme of daring as they pushed themselves and encouraged each other to try new learning styles and methods while delving into their study of American Civics.

The result was a completely student-created learning celebration that included a robust interactive museum of exhibits and performance exhibits showcasing unique presentations that shared the historical events surrounding our country's founding, and the visions of our founding fathers. The students' parents spent time at each interactive exhibit learning about The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Articles of Confederation, The New Jersey Plan, Virginia Plan and Great Compromise, The Three Branches of Government and The Three-Fifths Compromise.

Our students became true experts in their subjects and imparted their learning by writing and performing in their own plays and creating engaging visual presentations.

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2nd Grade Japanese Cultural Exchanges
9:15 AM to 10:45 AM

12:00PM Dismissal TK-8

School Closed - Winter Recess
   to 1/1/2018

1:30PM Dismissal - TK-8th

Parsha for Parents
9:30 AM to 10:30 AM
Join CA's Rabbi Soffer for a torah study for parents and community members. All are welcome!
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First Day Of School
Carmel Academy News
CarmelsGiving Party For Good
As our students prepared for the customary traditions surrounding Thanksgiving, they did so by adding a new practice to the mix -- CarmelsGiving.On the day before Thanksgiving, our students readied themselves to gather and celebrate the many blessings in their lives, while also pausing to think about what the needs are in our world and where they could make a difference, said Sharon Goldman Wallach, Carmel's Director of Experiential Education.
The first annual CarmelsGiving Party For Good gave students the opportunity to work on a project to give back to the world, whether it was helping the elderly, feeding the hungry or caring for animals. The theme: "Where Our Passions Meet The Needs of the World” enabled each student to contribute to a cause that was personally meaningful.

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Carmel Academy Names Yael Slonim to New Chief Operating Officer Position
Carmel Academy has named veteran administrator and operations specialist Yael Slonim as its Chief Operating Officer, a new leadership position created to support the school's growth. Yael, who joined the school's leadership team on November 6th, comes to Carmel Academy after a 17-year career in hospital administration with expertise in operations, finance, human resources, regulatory compliance and program development. She was appointed after a nationwide search supported by a committee of Carmel Academy Trustees, volunteer and staff leadership.
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Carmel Academy's Shorashim Transitional Kindergarten Program
Learn More About Carmel's Shorashim Transitional Kindergarten Program
Give your child the gift of time. Carmel Academy's Transitional Kindergarten Shorashim Program is designed to bridge the year between preschool and kindergarten, providing students with a strong foundation for success in elementary school and beyond. For more information please contact ella.shteingart@carmelacademy.com