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Munchable Math Night At Carmel – fun, engaging, hands-on and deeply rooted in learning
Imagine being given four graham crackers, each with a value of 100 points and your goal is to create a food person worth 400 points. But wait! The catch is you can only use two of the graham crackers. The additional two crackers must be exchanged for pretzel sticks worth 10 points and/or Fruit Loops worth 1 point. Go ahead - make your edible person!
Welcome to Munchable Math Night at Carmel Academy.
Our kindergarten through 4th grade students, together with their parents, spent the evening putting their mathematical minds in motion. In the course of an hour and a half, each grade tackled two engaging projects – one using food as a manipulative and the other using art materials. What did the projects have in common? They all involved grade-appropriate activities using mathematical concepts the students recently learned in their math classes. 

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Carmel Academy's Shorashim Transitional Kindergarten Program
Learn More About Carmel's Shorashim Transitional Kindergarten Program
Give your child the gift of time. Carmel Academy's Transitional Kindergarten Shorashim Program is designed to bridge the year between preschool and kindergarten, providing students with a strong foundation for success in elementary school and beyond. For more information please contact ella.shteingart@carmelacademy.com
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Carmel Academy News
Behind The Camera Lens
At Carmel Academy there is a special community within a community -- a small cadre of student photographers who are participating in a creative endeavor called Carmel Framers. Carmel Framers is a Middle School course, which introduces students to the art of photography. Each week, Carmel Framers are given a theme and then have seven days to create a photograph based on that theme. During class, the students view photographs and learn photography techniques related to the theme before heading out into the world to capture their image. Carmel Framers is based on the 52Frames project (52frames.com), an international photo challenge where amateur and professional photographers are given a new assignment each week and have seven days to take a photo and share it with the community.
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Middle School Band Angels & Prophets Spreads Its Wings
If you haven't yet heard of Angels & Prophets, chances are you may be downloading one of their songs to your music library in the near future. What began as a musical outlet for a group of Carmel Academy's students has turned into perhaps one of the first-ever Middle School Jewish rock bands. Angels & Prophets, which performs weekly at Carmel, entertains guests at the school's largest events, played their first live venue in December and is gearing up to record several original tracks at a recording studio.
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Faculty Spotlights
Rabbi Jordan Soffer Selected For The Adaptive Leadership Lab Fellowship
Carmel Academy Rabbi-in-Residence Rabbi Jordan Soffer has been selected for the Adaptive Leadership Lab (a.l.l.) fellowship. Rabbi Soffer was chosen to be part of this global adaptive leadership training program and is part of a select group of 20 young Jewish professionals from around the world. Participants learn and work together on systemic challenges facing the Jewish people, preparing them to exercise leadership in their communities. Participants convene for three different week long conventions in Israel, Budapest, and Montreal.
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The Carmel Academy Experience from Carmel Academy on Vimeo.

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Welcome To The New School Year!
Happy Chanukah From Carmel Academy!
Tashlich At Carmel Academy
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