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Carmel Academy's Shorashim Transitional Kindergarten Program
Learn More About Carmel's Shorashim Transitional Kindergarten Program
Give your child the gift of time. Carmel Academy's Transitional Kindergarten Shorashim Program is designed to bridge the year between preschool and kindergarten, providing students with a strong foundation for success in elementary school and beyond. For more information please contact ella.shteingart@carmelacademy.com
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Tashlich At Carmel Academy
Nora Anderson Leads Parent Workshop At JCC Of Harrison
Carmel Academy News
Carmel Academy Fifth Graders Lead Greek Symposium
Wearing Greek togas and laurel head wreaths, Carmel Academy’s fifth graders took their parents back in time to Ancient Greece as they led an exciting Greek Symposium. The symposium was the culmination of the student’s integrated study of ancient Greek civilization – a time period considered to be the foundation of modern Western culture. Carmel’s students delved into topics such as architecture, geography, drama, myths, government and sports, and provided their parents an exciting window into their learning.

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A Memorable Mitzvah
Imagine being a child in a toy store with the go-ahead to purchase more than $1000 worth of toys? In the days before Chanukah, Carmel Academy’s third graders did just that. They traveled to a toy store and purchased more than 100 toys -- yet they did not keep even one toy for themselves. Instead, the students walked away with a different gift: the knowledge that they were part of memorable and meaningful mitzvah.

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Torah Scribe Visits 2nd Grade
Our 2nd graders' Chumash studies were brought to life with a visit from a sofer (scribe)! The visit is an important part of our students’ Chumash learning, as they are able to experience what a Torah is made from, how the ink for writing the Torah is prepared, what is used to write the Torah, and many other interesting and important facts about the actual process of preparing a Torah. The highlight of the visit was when our 2nd graders used a feather and ink to write Hebrew calligraphy. They also received a very special certificate from the Sofer, Rabbi Yehuda Clapman, who wrote each of the student's Hebrew names to take home -- a beautiful keepsake to treasure.
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Faculty Spotlights
David Derin Joins Middle School Judaic Studies Faculty
The new school year is underway and we are thrilled to continue introducing our new esteemed faculty members. Today we extend a warm welcome to David Derin, who joins our Middle School Judaic Studies faculty. David comes to us from sunny California where he received his undergraduate degree from University of Southern California. Following college, Moreh David served as a paratrooper in the IDF, and where he was in a unit that did field reconnaissance. Following his service in the IDF, he remained in Israel where he received his Master of Jewish Education from Hebrew College, Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education while simultaneously earning a Certificate of Advanced Jewish Studies from the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies Day School Educators Program. Moreh David, who recently moved to Stamford with his wife, is excited to experience an East Coast winter! Here’s an interesting fact about our newest Middle School teacher: Every year he reads the book, "Peter Pan." He loves the idea of never growing up, but not in the way that most people would think. To him Neverland is about holding on to and chasing your dreams, which he considers a big motivator.
Welcome Moreh David!

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Welcome To The New School Year!
Happy Chanukah From Carmel Academy!
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