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February Break
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2nd Grade Cultures Festival
9:15 AM to 10:15 AM
Location: Gym

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9:15 AM
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Other dates include October 20th, November 17th, December 15th, January 12th, and February 9th.

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Contact: Daneet Brill
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Carmel Academy News
Carmel Academy Names Jordan Soffer As Rabbi-In-Residence
Carmel Academy has appointed Jordan Soffer as the school’s Rabbi-In-Residence. Soffer, who will formally join Carmel Academy’s faculty in August, will enrich the Carmel community’s Jewish learning and living through new programming and classroom teaching. He will oversee the school’s t’fillah (prayer) curriculum and collaborate with the faculty to further promote Carmel Academy’s vision and commitment to pluralistic Jewish education. In addition, he will be involved in community outreach to enrich family and adult Jewish experience.
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Former Senator Joseph Lieberman Shares Experiences During Civil Right Era With Carmel Academy Students
As Carmel Academy’s students learned about the Civil Rights Movement and the influence of Martin Luther King, Jr., they did so with the help of a special visitor. Joseph Lieberman, former U.S. Senator from Connecticut and Democratic nominee for Vice President, spent the Friday morning prior to MLK Day speaking with the school’s kindergarten and third grade students -- the grades of his two grandchildren who attend Carmel Academy. Lieberman spoke poignantly about his own experiences during this transformative era in American history, and the influences that both King and the movement had on him personally and professionally.With the kindergartners, Lieberman read the book “Martin’s Big Words” and talked about who Martin Luther King was.
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2nd Grade Kabbalat Chumash Ceremony
In The Spotlight
CA 5th Graders Learn About Hitbodedut
When Carmel Academy's Judaic Studies teacher Hannah Perlis embarked on creating a new t’fillah (prayer) curriculum unit for her fifth graders, she wanted to teach her students that prayer could be a deeply personal, spiritual experience.That’s how she came up with the idea to teach her students hitbodedut, a form of individualized prayer and meditation that seeks a connection with God and nature by expressing one's innermost thoughts, feelings and personal prayers. The idea of teaching her students hitbodedut was not to replace traditional prayer, Perlis said, but instead to enhance her students’ t’fillah experience. "There is so much that t'fillah can encompass, it would be a shame not to include other elements."
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Carmel Academy's Shorashim Transitional Kindergarten Program
Learn More About Carmel's Shorashim Transitional Kindergarten Program
Give your child the gift of time. Carmel Academy's Transitional Kindergarten Shorashim Program is designed to bridge the year between preschool and kindergarten, providing students with a strong foundation for success in elementary school and beyond. For more information please contact daneet.brill@carmelacademy.com.
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Global HaTikvah - Carmel Academy Joins Students From Around The World To Sing HaTikvah in Support Of Israel